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Issues We Face

How my candidacy plans to fight for what is important

Image by Erika Fletcher

Universal Pre-K and Childcare

I believe that every family should have the right to childcare, so the parents are able to work and their children are able to get an early education. Having children shouldn't be a privilege, it should be something that every person is able to do regardless of their social or economic status. 
I will help draft / write legislation that creates Universal Pre-K for everyone in this state. On top of that, I hope to legislate a plan to create a Universal Childcare system where people are able to bring their children to be cared for while they are at work.

Pregnancy Checkup

Health Care

Every person in our country should be guaranteed the right to healthcare. I am in full support of a universal healthcare system that will benefit not only those who are financially struggling, but everybody.  Employers  who provide good healthcare for employees would also save money under a single payer healthcare system.  Nobody should have to go bankrupt just to take care of their health needs.


The Environment

I am a true advocate for the safety of our planet. Knowing that we will be handing this earth to future generations, it is our duty to ensure that we take care of what we are offered on our planet now, and help fix up what past generations have already destroyed. 
As the founder of Bay City State Park's Beach Wellness fundraiser, I have already made huge steps in helping the environment in Bay County. I hope to do even more in congress.

Workers with Masks

Worker's Rights

As a long time union member, I am in full support of all worker's rights and will fight to ensure that someone is speaking up for the workers in our state. I will advocate for all union businesses to allow collective bargaining practices in their workplace. Workers should have the right to bargain their wages, and ensure that they are getting paid fairly.  No workers should unwillingly be forced to overtime, and I will back any legislation that protects workers in any frame.

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